Let’s Talk Safety at Birchmount Gymnastics

Here at Birchmount Gymnastics we strive to teach your children gymnastics in a fun and safe environment.  But there are some things that you can help with too.  We’ll talk to the children each week about staying safe, but we also want you to remind them about the rules of the gym as well.  Children are our world’s greatest asset.  We should all work to keep them safe.

Our Head Coach
Our head coach and owner, Linda Clifford, is always on site in her office with all the windows inside the gym area.  If you have any concerns or questions during class, please drop into her office and she will be happy to help you

Arrivals and Departures

  • Parents should always come into the building when dropping off or picking up children.  This will ensure athletes have arrived or left gymnastics practice safely, and parents can ensure that there have been no unforeseen changes to the practice schedule.
  • Please do not stop your vehicle at the walkway to drop off or pick up passengers – this backs up traffic onto Birchmount Road and is very dangerous.  It only takes a moment to pull into a parking spot.
  • Please do not leave any valuables visible in your vehicle – put them in your trunk or bring them into the buildin

Lobby and Viewing Areas

  • When the weather is wet outside, we ask that all shoes and boots be removed in the main lobby.  If the hall and viewing area floors get wet, they can become slippery for others.
  • No running in the lobby, viewing areas, or when leaving the gym to get water or to visit the washrooms.
  • Please keep siblings with you in the viewing areas and do not let them play alone in the lobby.
  • Athletes must wait in the viewing areas until the coach calls them in to warm up for their class.  No one is allowed in the gym area without a coach.

Proper Attire

  • Hair must be tied back away from the face and no jewelry or earrings other than small studs.
  • Gymnasts should have bare feet or wear ballet slippers or socks that have rubber soles. Outdoor shoes are not permitted, and socks are too slippery when on the equipment.  Leggings, shorts, or gymnastics leotards are all appropriate attire.  Parents involved in our Parent & Tot classes should wear socks.

Drinks and Snacks

  • We are an Allergy Alert gym and ask that only fruit and vegetables be brought into the building for snacks by parents and athletes.  We hope that parents will enjoy their coffee while watching their child – but NO food other than fruit or vegetables.
  • We protect the environment by not selling bottled water.  Instead, we provide filtered water and cups and ask that if you do bring disposable water bottles to class, that you take them home with you.

Photography Policy

  • Some parents prefer that their child not be photographed.  When you take a photo from the viewing area, other children are very likely to be in the frame.  If you wish to use a photographic device, including cameras, video cameras, camera phones, or PDA please speak with the Head Coach first, and she will get you close to your child so that no one else is in the frame.​
  • Athletes are not permitted to take photos of any kind on the premises or in the change rooms.

During Class

  • There must be a coach present to be on the equipment.
  • Only one person on the equipment at a time.
  • Look around before you cross in front of groups.
  • Be sure to ask your coach to go to the washroom or to get a drink.
  • Don’t cut through circuits.
  • Keep your place in line and don’t push or butt in front of others.

Special Equipment Rules:


  • No hanging on supports
  • Never touch the spin locks or cables
  • Remember, “you won’t fall off unless you let go!”
  • Always lift children from the waist, not the arms.
  • Spot a straddle hang from behind with the child’s back resting on your chest.


  • Remember, “if you feel like falling…jump off.”
  • Bend knees on landing.
  • Tell your coach if you’re afraid of the high beam.
  • Never jump off sideways or backwards – always face the front.
  • Hold child by the waist, not by the hand.


  • Don’t follow too closely to the person ahead of you.
  • Tumble down the middle of the trampoline bed.
  • Never go on without a coach present.
  • Never jump off the side or go the opposite direction.